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Waterfront Dining in Kirkland

Waterfront Dining in KirklandCarillon Point, Lake Street and Juanita Beach

Crowning the east shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland is all about the waterfront when it comes to dining out. Fine-dining restaurants offer guest moorage for boaters, while classic burger joints and fish-and-chips stands fry up casual bites for families, picnickers, bikers and kayakers taking quick breaks from the water. From sunset dinners to classic brunches and sizzling grilled seafood, here are some of the best bets for waterfront dining in Kirkland.

Anthony’s Homeport

Right in the heart of Lake Street, just steps from Kirkland’s favorite art galleries, Anthony’s Homeport Restaurant epitomizes seafood dining in the Northwest. Now acollection of seafood eateries all across the Puget Sound region, the Anthony’s in Kirkland was the very first location and still one of the best. Drop in for the sunset dinner menu upstairs with spectacular views of the Seattle skyline, Hunts Point and Sand Point. Sample small plates or heaping mounds of Dungeness crab fettucine, Gulf of Alaska scallops and Wagyu steak from Snake River Farms.

Beach House Bar and Grill

As Lake Street meanders along the shore and merges into Lake Washington Blvd NE, more waterfront eateries pop into view. Perched prettily on the boulevard near Houghton Beach Park, the Beach House Bar and Grill spills outdoors with covered dining spots and one of the best brunch spots in Kirkland. Try the Pecan French Toast or the Crab and Andouille Scramble with Cajun-dusted crab and Mama Lil’s aioli.

Coastal Casual

If you think waterfront dining is limited to trendy seafood spots, think again. You can pick up hand-mixed shakes and made-to-order burgers at Kidd Valley, the iconic local burger joints of Greater Seattle. KV stakes a claim right on Lake Washington Boulevard. Over at Juanita Beach, order a root beer float and some fried fish at Spud’s Fish & Chips, right across from the beach. Choose from wild-caught Alaskan cod, Pacific salmon or Pacific halibut, and throw in some Hoquiam oysters for good measure.

bin on the lake

Step things up a notch over at Carillon Point, where you’ll find the posh (and delicious) bin on the lake restaurant. Aptly named for a wine cellar “bin,” this sleek dining enclave and wine bar tucks itself into the Woodmark Hotel on Yarrow Bay. The kitchen lord is none other than Dylan Giordan of Lake Union’s Serafina and Cichetti fame. Try the scallop sliders and copper river salmon in season, and then stroll to the fire pit for dessert.

Tip: The fire pit is open to the public from 4 to 9 p.m. daily, and you can bring hot chocolate or cider from the nearby Beach Café.

You’re never far from great views and waterfront dining when living in Kirkland. Call today for a tour of Pinnacle Kirkland apartment communities and to hear about move-in specials.